Written in the Stars, By the Stars

Updated: Mar 13

A single house sat atop an emerald coated hill, overlooking crisp cerulean waters. The waves crashed against the jagged rocks. Inside the humble home, was a man. This man sat in his crimson leather chair, with a crisp flame burning intently in his fireplace. Embers trickled off the rich oak, an aroma of smoke crept into his nostrils. He grinned, reading his book. The man thought to himself, life is just one evolving story. He pondered this for quite some time. The man looked out his window and could see the sun parting ways from the horizon, as the moon substituted its place in the sky. Shrill cries from the outer regions of the hill could be heard from inside the home. The man, having finished the last chapter in his book, decided to take a step outside.

Full and bright, the moon illuminated the entire area. The man looked up to the sky, and he was bewildered by what he was seeing. Somehow, the stars had spelled out his name, Ferdinand Giovanni Willshire. How in the world was that possible, Ferdinand wondered. He kept staring at the sky, his name still present in the stars.

“Umm, can, can I help you, umm, sky?” Ferdinand inquired.

The stars began to rearrange themselves, this time spelling out the words “WALK” with an arrow pointing towards the shoreline. He nodded towards the omniscient sky, and continued his trek. He had always been a peculiar individual, often believing in the higher powers of the universe. By the time he got down to the shoreline, he was catching his breath, trying to find the words mixed within his mouth.

“Now, uhh, now what?”

Celestial bodies of stars began to swirl around in a cosmic ballet, they trickled down into the ocean, revealing a small boat. Ferdinand entered into the boat and began to row. The stars provided checkpoints for him to follow. Eventually, after rowing on the obsidian waters, he made it to the destination. A small secluded island hidden away from the view of civilization. Ferdinand was rather puzzled by this, but he tried to not question the sky, so he got off and started walking around the island.

“What am I supposed to do now?”

Again, the stars revealed the answer. This time, in the form of an image. They created a single tree surrounded by three large boulders. Ferdinand figured he had to find this specific tree on the island for the next phase of this odd, odd little adventure he was taking. He perused around the island, coming across strange reptiles and exotic birds. He eventually found himself staring at the base of the tree. Sitting in the center of the tree and boulders was a box. Ferdinand untied the shoe string around the package, and underneath some packing peanuts he found a piece of paper. On the paper was a single message. It read, “dig”. So Ferdinand, having already followed the advice of a billion stars to get here, heeded the commands of the paper. He began digging into the sand with only his bare hands. The sand fell between the crevices in his fingers, dropping through as if they were waterfalls cascading off the top of a hill. Eventually he hit something solid. It was a chest.

“Treasure!?!?” Ferdinand exclaimed to the sky.

The stars formed into the shape of a hand, gesturing for him to open the chest. He fiddled around with the lock for a bit, before breaking it off. When he opened the chest there was a single bar of gold staring at him. To be quite honest, Ferdinand was disappointed. A single bar of gold? That was all the treasure they could give him? He picked up the gold bar, and played around with it. He held it in his hands for a while, and he was about to put it away when he noticed something on the bottom of the bar. There was an insignia inscribed on the bottom. Ferdinand examined the chest further, and he realized the same insignia was on the chest as well. He placed the insignia of the gold bar, into the insignia on the chest. Following that, the chest revealed a second compartment.

In this new addition to the treasure chest, Ferdinand was presented with a medallion. He put the medallion on around his neck, without thinking. A jolt was sent through his spine, the stars aligned once more. Ferdinand could now see beyond. Beyond into a world far more vast than his own. He looked down at the medallion, silver, with a deep green jewel inside it. The medallion had a serpent design wrapped around the edge, with an obscure five pointed star. What had this adventure led him to? It was only a few hours ago that he was in his home reading his favorite book, near the warmth of the soothing fire. Now, here he was, on this island, watching the stars reveal the secrets of the universe to him. He kept staring intently, the medallion allowed his vision to examine into the far reaches of the sky.

Keeping his focus on a single point in the sky, more began to reveal itself to Ferdinand. The man kept looking, and eventually he began to question everything, literally, everything. Ferdinand reached out to the sky, and the unfathomable happened. A hand reached back to touched him. Ferdinand saw in the hand was a pencil.

“Life… is… just… an… evolving story…”

The hand preceded to take the pencil and write down the next chapter in Ferdinand’s life. The man looked on with a sense of awe, and defeat. For he had finally discovered the truth behind the universe. The great author had finally made himself known, yet at the same time Ferdinand’s freedom as a human being had been jeopardized with the realization that all aspects of life have been fixated points in a clever plot. Ferdinand Giovanni Willshire stared at the sky, and fell back into the sand. A single grin stretched across his face as he allowed the secrets of the unknown to overwhelm his very being.

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